An Ode to Usagi
I hope I will never see
Another person as dumb as Usagi
With all her constant wailing and crying
And never showing a sign of stopping
And she never fails to swoon
When 'Cape Boy' swings in doing her a boon
He throws roses here and there,
Why can't one of them strike her and die?
How does she be Neo-Queen Serenity?
The girl has no idea how to write kanji!
Could it be fate? No, can't be!
And don't try blaming it all on poor Small lady!
So many people just despise Chibiusa,
Project C.U.R.E and comparing her to Haruka
What about Usagi, Chibiusa's mummy?
Because of her the pink spore's such a dummy!
Ikuko and Kenji complain and sigh
Compared to Usagi, Shingo's IQ is so high!
They say, "Maybe the doctor's right after all,"
"Usagi was found abandoned in an old mall!"
There we have it, Usagi the Stupid.
The Real Messiah? She's not even close to morbid!
All her friends think Usagi's an airhead;
Rei confirms the fact, "Usagi? She's always braindead!"
Usagi during better times.